Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is a film that hides too many signs, too many riddles.


Now that it has been considered the best film of the 21st century or at least tops the list of BBC Culture, it is pertinent to reflect on it. David Lynch does not make it easy for the viewer ever.

Its simplicity in the script but full of abstractions, meanings or interpretations make it an excellent film. Especially for what it implies for those who look at it, to keep thinking about it even days after having seen it. And I think it’s not enough just to see it once and now.

I think that this film should be seen and must be dreamed and then seen again to understand a large part of its content. And I say dream it, because between dreams and memories is how the plot unfolds, are instants of reality captured in dreams.

This film was born as a series that later became a full-length film and Lynch had to put an end to it, maybe he improvised or maybe it was right with his final intentions, nobody will know, Lynch himself has never given more details about it or about the script and the “peculiar” way that the narrative took in this movie.

Anyway, Lynch knows how to do it, let the audience and critics give him the interpretations, he only paints a reality that underlies another, everything is precious in the mind of Diane, who takes Betty as a projection, as escape to his frustration, to his fault. Lynch leaves the images but hides the nexuses and one is the one who must find them.

The film is a journey through the subconscious, it is a tour in which only the cinema allows us to enter and only through it we can observe it. No desire to make spoilers for those who have not seen it at this point I will say that it is a perfect representation of what the subconscious is. And it is that the signs within the dream of Diane are everywhere in the film and it is at the end when you understand the facts, the correlations between one reality and another.

The way in which the subconscious is relating the characters of Diane’s life with the dream, the signs, the key, especially the key is fundamental to understand that jump between two different realities. And the dialogues are also important, they handle a language that reveals the mystery on several occasions, but the cadence of the narrative takes us and makes them go unnoticed.

The most interesting is that look at how the facts of real life are mixed with the events that occurred during a dream state, because we have all experienced it and that reality facing the subconscious is what ultimately, and only in the end, gives us that mental relief and that conjecture that finally arrives to calm our anxiety, because that is when each and every one of the situations we see on the screen take on meaning.

Without being an exaggerated surrealist or to put it another way: Consecrated. Lynch makes allegory of a subtle surrealism, that which is confused with reality, the clothing of this film is good, it only gives a more aesthetic character to the first part and once the charm ended, the photography lapses in terms of the level precious and classic of the first. It is a return to reality. excellent work by Peter Deming

The music by Angelo Badalamenti, really produces feelings in the viewer, that music that is capable of making you feel uncertainty, discomfort, tension, which Lynch likes so much.

The performances of Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring mainly, make the mysterious, sensual and erotic part of the film. His histrionic gifts along with his peculiar individual beauty enhance the sexual scenes and make credible that lesbian obsession between both characters. The film definitely meets all the requirements for an excellent cinematographic work.

There are pieces that we must not lose sight of in this visual puzzle, here I leave the main ones to be able to better understand this film:

• The red lamp

• The place of the accident

• The Winkies store and the homeless person behind it

• The blue key

• The hearing and the phrase “This is the girl”

• The ashtray and coffee cup among others that are worth paying attention to the clues at the beginning of the film or the cowboy.

I know there are people who think it’s a bad movie, but in reality I disagree with them, since it has surreal elements, rhetorical figures, a very good picture, an excellent soundtrack, the performances are adequate and the story is quite attractive , also for those who enjoy watching nudes in movies (and who does not?), also has them.

Anyway, I did not want to delve with more information about the plot for that of the spoilers, I will only say that it is very much worth seeing, like all Lynch’s works.